About Kanha

Kanha National Park, renowned as one of India's premiere Tiger Reserves, remains a favoured Central Indian jungle destination for wildlife photographers, conservationists and avid enthusiasts. The park's majestic Sal & Bamboo jungles, its undulating plateaus and open maidans, all sprawl like crushed velvet over a core area of 945sq. kms in the ancient Maikal Hills.

The surrounding Buffer Zone currently stands at 1005 sq km. These vibrant jungles can simply take one's breath away with their shear beauty, and have lured intrepid and now discerning travelers, repeatedly, for over more than a century. All came in rapturous anticipation of exhilarating meetings with the incredible diversity of wildlife found here - and most were invariably rewarded. Luckily those who visit Kanha today leave with nothing but the gnawing desire to return again, and again. Some never leave.

Kanha's vastness is divided into 3 tourist zones, namely Kanha/Kisli (Western Gate), Mukki (Southern Gate), Sarhi(North-eastern Gate)(check spelling), with approx. 900 plus kilometers of drivable tracks. Wildlife species, which include Tiger, Leopard, Barasingha, Dhole, Sloth Bear, Gaur (Indian Bison), Samba, Chital (Spotted Deer - Axis Axix), Barking Deer, Chausingha (Four-Horn), Nilgai (Blue Bull), Jackal, Indian Fox, Ruddy Mongoose, Small Indian Mongoose, Indian Civet Cat, Toddy Cat, Hanuman Langur, Rhesus Macaque, Indian Flying Bats and numerous other bat species, Black napped Hare, many lesser mammals, rodents and reptiles are distributed well throughout all the ranges, however, when cubs are born the activity in any particular blessed area is heightened. Avian life is abundant and equally thrilling, with Crested Serpent Eagles, Paradise Flt-catchers, Racket Tailed Drongos, Scarlet Minivet, Mottled Wood Owl and the Brown headed Barbet - synonymous to the calls of Kanha's Sal jungle, being amongst the 297species that grace these skies.

Almost 50 % of the reserve lies in the non-tourist zone of Supkhar. This range has a main arterial road running through it from Gaddi to Chilpi. The road is open to traffic from dawn to dusk, sadly, but still there have been incredible sightings of Tiger, Leopard, Barasinghar, Sambar, Sloth Bear, Dhole, Gaur and avian species regularly on this road. A drive along there on a Wednesday afternoon could easily be an option for guests wanting to maximise their opportunities of sightings. Getting down from the vehicle, however, is not permitted on this road.

Interesting facts
The magnificent thatched roofed Forest Bungalow at Supkhar was built for Lord Linlithego, a former Vicroy of India, from where many a 'Shikkar' (Hunt) was organised for the British Raj aristocracy and Indian Princes. Local Baiga & Gond 'beaters' were employed to ensure Tigers and other prey were 'bagged', making the journey and shikkar a success.

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