Activities at Baghtola

The cornerstone of all experiences at Bagh Tola is the jungle and nature! The forest can be experienced in different ways, either through safaris in open jeeps, by foot on nature walks or by relaxing and unwinding in the comfort of the lodge itself.


Jeep Safari

Open Jeep safaris are the best way to observe wildlife in the national parks. It allows guests to explore different terrains and habitats of the national park in a safe manner and also witness the biodiversity of the central Indian forests.

Open Jeeps with guests, accompanied by an experienced naturalist and a guide from the forest department, are allowed into the park at fixed timings during early morning and afternoon. The jeep has to follow a fixed route and leave the park by the end of the appointed time. The morning drive typically starts around 6 am and guests leave the park around 11 am after a bonnet picnic breakfast. The evening drives are shorter and start around 3:30 pm and end at sundown. 


Nature Walks

Nature walks are an entirely different experience from the game drives. Guests are led on trails in and around the lodges and the buffer areas. During a walk one has an opportunity to observe some of the smaller flora and fauna. Also, when you come across pug marks, you realize you are actually walking in tiger territory, and this is quite exhilarating by itself.


At the Lodges

Very often guests are not keen to do back to back jeep safaris and enjoy down time at the lodges themselves. There are various spots where you can lose yourself in a good book, meditate or just enjoy birdsongs and other sounds of nature. In Bandhavgarh, we also have a Machaan which overlooks a perennial watering hole. This allows for game viewing from the comfort of the lodge itself.