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Jungle Safaris

As you journey through the forests and grasslands of India, in search of the elusive Bengal tiger, you get to witness the diversity of the Indian wildlife, which includes leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs and jungle cats. Enjoy frequent game drives into the national parks, accompanied by experienced guides who will be your eyes and ears in the park, and provide expert knowledge on the unique flora and fauna of the region.

Javier and Francesca
Javier and Francesca
Safari @ Bagh Tola Kanha
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I am a nature lover. I have done safaris around the world. A hotel like this is exactly what I am looking for in these situations. In addition, Samnapur, the village where the hotel is located, is a quiet place where you can take a walk and see the quiet life of its inhabitants. 100% recommendable. By the way, the game drive in Kanha National Park is wonderful!
Mrs. Kharekhar
Mrs. Kharekhar
Safari @ Bagh Tola Bandhavagarh
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No doubt the safaris were amazing but being at Bagh Tola was an experience in itself. Have enjoyed every minute of it right from my morning cup of tea to my wine by the bonfire. Yash made our trip interesting with all his trivia and Tony and the staff made sure our stay was comfortable. Thank you once again !
Mridula and Osh Bhabani
Mridula and Osh Bhabani
Safari @ Bagh Tola Kanha
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We had the most wonderful, homely stay. Eric was outstanding, he not only led us to spotting a tiger, it was an emersive safari experience. Our children's first safari turned out to be a super success. The amazing service of the staff and Eric and Joys lovely warm welcome into the beautiful property, treating us like their own was an amazing and comfortable experience.

Types of Safaris

 Please contact our reservation to help you choose the best day and time for a Safari.

Core Safaris

Core safaris in an open jeep/gypsy are the best way to observe wildlife in the national parks that guests to explore different terrains and habitats of the national park in a safe manner .Safaris are mainly done in the core zone of the National Park. Trips are usually made in the Morning & Evening

Full Day Safaris

A full day jungle safari is a unique and exciting experience that allows you to get up close and personal with nature. It's a great opportunity to disconnect from the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in the natural world. These safaris are also done at the core area of the national park.

Buffer Safaris

Buffer zones play a very important role in conservation of wild life, especially tigers. Often misunderstood and neglected due to the focus on core zones, the buffer zones provide a very unique safari experience and we encourage our guests to dedicate time to buffer zones. With the increase in tiger population, guests often have lovely sightings with lesser vehicles. The buffer zones also allow one to see different fauna and flora not always visible in the core zones.

Night Safaris *

During a night safari, you'll have the chance to see a wide variety of animals that are rarely seen during the day. These may include nocturnal predators like leopards and wild dogs, as well as smaller creatures like civets, bats, and owls. Night trips are made at the buffer zone and starts at 7.30pm

Getting Ready

For Safari

Prepare for your safari like setting the stage for a wildlife spectacle. Know the animals, pack essentials like binoculars and a camera, and dress for the weather. Book accommodations and tours in advance for a seamless adventure. With thoughtful preparation, you’ll fully enjoy the magic of the safari, creating lasting memories.

We have a dedicated page to know more about the preparation for safari. Click here


On Safari

While on a safari adventure, there are several things wildlife enthusiasts and photographers can do to make the most of their experience:

  • Be Prepared: Ensure you have essential gear such as binoculars, a camera with a good zoom lens, and comfortable clothing suitable for the climate. Adjust your camera settings beforehand to avoid missing out on great shots
  • Respect Wildlife: Maintain a safe and respectful distance from the animals. It’s crucial to observe them without causing any disturbance to their natural behavior.
  • Listen to Guides: Pay attention to your safari guide’s instructions. They possess valuable knowledge about the wildlife, and following their guidance enhances your overall experience.
  • Patience Pays Off: Wildlife doesn’t operate on a schedule. Be patient, and you might be rewarded with unique and unexpected sightings.
  • Stay Still: When observing wildlife, avoid sudden movements. Animals may perceive these as threats, leading to changes in their behavior.
  • Respect the Environment: Stay on designated paths and avoid disturbing vegetation. Responsible behavior ensures the conservation of the natural habitat.
  • Learn and Appreciate: Take the opportunity to learn about the flora, fauna, and ecosystems. 

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