Bagh Tola Jungle Stories

Birdwatchers Paradise!

BaghTola boasts a wonderful location with a wide variety of habitats.

There are pockets of grassland/shrubland and densely planted areas on the property, as well as farmlands on one side and a mixed forest on the other.
Additionally, there are two bodies of water closer to the ends of the boundary, which draws more wildlife and birds to the area.

We have identified little more than 80 different species of birds between January 23 and January 24, including flycatchers, wetland birds, and raptors.

Some of these migrate from miles away, even if not all of them are residents, and we are really glad that they view BaghTola as a safe location.

While some species, like the whistling duck, enjoy monsoons and migrate back as it becomes warmer, others, like the black-naped monarch, wait for the temperature to rise before starting their nests.

You will almost undoubtedly discover some incredible birds to look for whether you visit in the summer or the winter.

Also, we have no question that there are birds that we have yet to record. And maybe in the coming years, we’ll be able to surpass the 100 species threshold.

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