Bagh Tola Jungle Stories

Starry Nights

Nowadays, most cities are so polluted, particularly in terms of air and light pollution, that watching stars at night is something you cannot do every night.
The night sky gets engulfed by the hazy air and lights that radiate from every direction.

Because Baghtola Bandhavgarh touches the Parasi barrier, it is situated in an exceptional location away from human intrusion.
Since the closest community is almost one kilometer away, Baghtola is essentially a part of the forest.

It’s a great spot to see stars because there aren’t many people around after dark and the lodge has minimal illumination.
These pictures were taken earlier this December, it was an exceptional moment as the new moon further darkening the sky and there was no moonlight.

However, taking in the brilliant, starry sky forces one to reflect about everything. It acts as its own form of therapy.

It made me wonder about our beginnings and what it means to be alive in this moment in the infinite cosmos.

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