Bagh Tola Jungle Stories

Tracking a subadult tigress

On a recent safari in Magadhi zone, we were tracking a subadult tigress -One of Dotty’s two year old daughter.After about an hour of looking for her, one of our jeeps saw fresh pugmarks. We slowed down and continued following the trail. And sure enough, she was walking right infront of us.

After about a minute, she sat right next to the road and our group of 3 jeeps were the only audience. She sat there comfortably, resting and yawning. Giving us ample time to get her beautiful eyes etched in our memories. After about 5 minutes, she stood up and disappeared into the jungle.

This incredible sighting aside, the trip was far from over. There was a herd of elephants not far from where we were. We raced over and witnessed one of the most fascinating interactions. Some of the elephants had bathed as they crossed a grassland with at least twenty of them!

The black areas on their still-wet torso were visible. They had a dust bath to get rid of flies and insects. The calves were playing, chasing each other.

A very wonderful safari indeed.

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