Bagh Tola Jungle Stories

Survival of the fittest

It’s not always about who is the strongest individual; occasionally, various species assist one another in surviving.
One quiet afternoon we suddenly heard several birds making a ruckus here at Baghtola. At least four different bird species, including red-vented bulbuls, oriental white eyes, plum-headed parakeets, and indian nuthatches, were frequently hopping and chirping on a certain branch of our Mahua tree.
When we looked more closely, we saw a sizable Forsten cat snake hidden in a Mahua tree gap.

That team of birds was “mobbing” the larger predator.
This behaviour is usually observed against raptors, snakes and other reptiles and is very effective.
The cat snake was forced to hide in the opening thanks to their efforts, and they all lived to fight another day.
This little nuthatch was watching the cat snake from a safe distance probably keeping a watch.

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