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What more is there to see in Bandhavgarh?

Without a doubt, one of the greatest national parks in India to see the magnificent Bengal tiger is Bandhavgarh.
What more is there to see, though?
These 6 unique sightings have the potential to be the highlight of the trip despite their rarity!

6. Wild Elephants: In the past, Bandhavgarh had no of wild elephants, but in 2018, a herd of elephants traveled in from Jharkhand and Odisha on their own, redefining the region’s wildlife situation.
Since then, Bandhavgarh has been their home. They are big , powerful and wary of anybody in their vicinity. At times, they may even charge the safari jeeps if you approach them recklessly. The adrenaline rush is unmatched, and it’s chilling!

5. Birds of Prey: The large bird group in Bandhavgarh is extremely diverse. There’s plenty to view, including vultures, hawk eagles, and brown fish owls.
especially the Changeable Hawk Eagle, which, surprisingly, makes more attempts than one may think at deer calf hunting!
Imagine an eagle soaring over a deer calf as it passes over Bandhavgarh’s breathtaking scenery. Even if the eagle is unsuccessful in its hunt, it’s still an experience you won’t forget.

4. Sloth Bears- These creatures are fierce, shy and furry; they are hard to find and follow. However, you quickly realize that they are more than simply a large ball of fur when you witness one in the wild.
They can easily break through the hard termite mounds and extract the termites like a vacuum cleaner thanks to their large claws and loose lips.
They stay away from other animals, but they are powerful enough to intimidate even the tigers!

3. Leopards: Another large cat found in Bandhavgarh, but an expert at hiding. They are, in my opinion, more adept at hiding than tigers!
It is not a simple effort to find them. They can vanish as the rossetts and yellow body blend in so well with the forest’s highlights and shadows.
Their design is indeed stealthy.

2. Unexpected encounters: It’s just a matter of time until some of the larger creatures, like the Gaur, Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, and Bear, come into contact with one another. No one can predict when or where these meetings will take place, or what will the results be- but seeing them in person is quite amazing!

1. Tiger Cubs: Obviously, the main reason visitors travel to Bandhavgarh is to see tigers. But more enjoyable than witnessing a tiger?
Cubs of Tigers. They are lively, inquisitive, and amusing.
Observing the young master hunters as they play and learn is a unique glimpse into their lives, and it’s undoubtedly the greatest!

These are but a few instances. We recommend that you make the most out of every moment spent in the jungle rather than anticipating “the perfect sighting” because the jungle is full of surprises.

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